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From Allen Machinery to PPM Technologies

PPM has a long and proud tradition of food processing excellence.

Early in 1892, W. K. Allen purchased a small fruit processing plant in Newberg, Oregon, which became known as Allen Fruit Company. Initially, they cooked fruit in cast iron kettles. They later developed food evaporators, starting a chain of patented food processing innovations. Allen Machinery was formed in 1955, to build conveyor and other equipment for the food processing industry.

In the early 1970’s, Allen Machinery began producing a line of vibratory conveying equipment for its own use, then filed a patent on the mechanical drive, and began marketing the product to the food industry. Meanwhile, PPM (Potato Processing Machinery) was started in Sweden in the 1980’s by two founders who developed a unique frying process, which they began marketing to the potato processing industry.

In the mid 1980’s, the PPM business was acquired by Frigoscandia, which ultimately became part of FMC Technologies, Inc. In 2000, FMC Technologies, Inc., purchased Allen Machinery and became a global leader providing mission-critical technology solutions for the energy, food processing and air transportation industries.

FMC Technologies relocated its food handling division to Newberg, Oregon, and merged with the Allen Machinery business. This allowed the company to leverage its capability to supply a broad range of products and services to the food industry, specializing in potato chips, snacks, french-fries and potato products. The parent company subsequently made a strategic decision to divest Allen/PPM so that FMC Technologies could focus its efforts on its other business segments. This transition was completed in mid-2007, whereby PPM Technologies, Inc. was born.

In 2008, PPM Technologies, Inc., acquired Wright Machinery in the United Kingdom, to solidify its manufacturing base abroad. Following a difficult period in the struggling economy of 2009, PPM Technologies, Inc. reorganized its business, and with new owners became PPM Technologies, LLC.

Today, PPM Technologies, LLC is a global supplier to the food processing industry, with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. PPM’s philosophy is to create innovation and value for our customers globally, and assist in producing a quality product to the consumer. With 80 employees world-wide, PPM Technologies, LLC strives to provide a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture, that meets the demands of a global operating base.