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CBS (Continuous Blanching System)

One of the most important operations in the processing of potato chips is water blanching. The PPM Technologies CBS (Continuous Blanching System) provides a unique transversal, turbulent water flow ensuring uniform treatment of each slice. Performed prior to frying, the blanching process leaches out sugar from the slices improving the overall fried product color. Too much sugar will cause excessive browning of the final product. During the blanching process it is critical to ensure slice separa­tion so each slice is treated uniformly. In traditional blanchers, difficult products such as potato slices have a tendency to stick and glue together causing uneven blanching of slices.


  • Easy separation of slices due to turbulence of hot water jets
  • Higher yield with no mechanical damage to the slices
  • Improve fried product color by removing sugars
  • Blancher can convert to a simple transfer conveyor when blanching is not required

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