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LFS (Low Fat System)

The PPM Technologies LFS (Low Fat System) is proven to add value to many fried snack products by reducing fat content by as much as 35% over typical levels. That is almost a 10% reduction in gross oil content translating into healthier products with great customer appeal. The defatting process for potato chips and other snack products begins immediately after the fryer. Once fried, product is carried into the PPM Technologies LFS on a stainless steel mesh belt. Steam is injected into an expansion chamber and forced through a heat exchanger where it is heated to 165-180 degrees C. The steam is then forced down through the product traveling on the belt through the LFS. The excess fat on the product surface is removed with the steam and then directed through a special filter system where the oil is filtered and pumped away to the frying system. The oil collection and filtration processes occur in an oxygen-free enclosure to preserve oil quality.


  • Improve product value and appeal
  • Use with potato chips, tortilla chips, extruded and pellet snacks
  • Proven proprietary steam process
  • Automated control of steam temperature

Fat/Oil Removal from…
Potato Chips
Tortilla Chips
Extruded Snacks

Potato Products
Potato Chips
French Fries
Specialty Snacks