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PAS (Potato Aligning System)

The cutting of potato slices is very important for final product quality and to maximize product yield. It is important that potato slices are uniform in thickness to ensure the same treatment of each slice in further processes such as washing, blanching and frying.

The PPM Technologies PAS (Potato Aligning System) ensures that potatoes are fed one by one to the slicer. Potatoes are singulated along the length of the feeder. Two screw augers mounted parallel ensure potato separation and single feed into the slicer. This unit includes adjustments that tune the feeder to the required characteristic for the slicer. The discharge chute and augers are adjustable to suit the needed infeed position for the slicer.


  • Effective individual slicing of potatoes
  • Minimize small and broken product pieces
  • Maximize Product Yield

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