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SWS (Slice Washing System)

After slicing, it is critical to remove residual potato starch from the slices to reduce starch buildup in the fryer and to avoid the slices from sticking together. In the PPM Technologies SWS (Slice Washing System) washing starts immediately at the point of slicing to maximize effectiveness and reduce exposure to mechanical treatment. Small pieces of potato are screened out, slices are dewatered and processing water is carefully filtered to purge excess starch before returning to the slicer. The counter flow wash system reduces fresh water usage by over 40% and lowers the content of starches and protein in the oil. The result—reduced downtime for sanitation and improved quality of fried products.


  • Reduce breakage through gentle handling
  • Improve frying through better slice separation
  • Optimize oil quality by reducing free starch to the fryer
  • Efficient washing with minimal water usage


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