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WDS (Washing Destoning System)

Before peeling, removing stones and careful washing of the potatoes is essen­tial. The cyclone destoner rotates the water conveying the potatoes to the prewasher. The higher density stones sink to the bottom of the tank where they are collected and removed.

The PPM Technologies WDS (Washing Destoning System) has the optimal angle and water velocity to achieve effective separa­tion of the stones and potatoes. The stones are either collected in a box for later removal or continuously removed via a stone elevator. The optional stone elevator can be mounted at any desired angle. The washing drum is driven by X-cross mounted belts eliminat­ing bearings from being in contact with the water.


  • Consistent, accurate performance. Customized elevation to suit your process line
  • Easily remove stones and sand through trap doors
  • High removal efficiency


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