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24/7 service for parts distribution. We’ve added a new storage area, and will inventory over 5000 components, which will allow us to quickly and efficiently meet your aftermarket needs.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in keeping your line up and running.

Also, please check out our PROMOTIONS tab for special offers on selected parts.


This unique, one-piece design, is easily removable, and is suitable for either oil or powder applications, or both.

With global installations, this versatile liner has proven to provide manufacturers with quick line changeovers, and in most cases, only requires one person to complete. The liner slides into a stainless retaining ring, and is held in place with manual clamps to ensure a snug fit.

The drum design can be either mounted on a mobile frame, or supported on the revolutionary single-pedestal design which swivels to allow for multi-positioning and easy accessibility for removal or insertion.

This sanitary design allows for clutter-free positioning at the weigh-head, and cantilevers over the scale to deliver your product directly onto the scale cone.

Cost effective and easy to install, the PPM Technologies Drum System will not only improve your product quality, but will increase your return on investment.