A Long History and a Bright Future

Our company traces its heritage back 120 years; our origin as a cherry processor means we know our market from multiple perspectives. And with more than 60 years manufacturing food-processing equipment, we’ve gained the experience and insights to create the most innovative and creative solutions in the industry. Even as we’ve grown into a global provider, we still maintain the homegrown-business philosophy and approach that have guided us from the start.

Not everyone knows that “PPM” stands for more than just a respected name in the industry. It also signifies the three main ingredients of our success: People, Process and Machinery.

  • People – Since our humble beginnings processing cherries in 1892 as Allen Fruit Company and transitioning into equipment manufacturing in the 1950s, the one unchanging, reliable and sustaining element of our business has been our people. Some of our employees are third-generation, many have more than 20 years with us, and all of them are committed to doing business the right way. Combined, our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver the best solutions for your most demanding applications.

  • Process – The process of identifying, specifying and choosing the perfect equipment for your unique needs can be daunting. We dedicate our decades of knowledge and experience to providing you with an efficient, safe and cost-effective solution to your food processing challenges. We promise a relentless commitment to solving your unique problems, which continues into our service and support program long after the installation.

  • Machinery – We manufacture and sell exceptional machinery that helps you achieve long-term success. Our machines are the products of decades of ongoing innovation and development. They have the ability to transform your food-processing operation. And beyond our standard range of products, we also have the ability to customize a solution that meets the needs of your unique situation.

Broad Product Range, With Global Reach

Our focus on processing, seasoning and conveying supports a global customer base with smartly engineered and well-manufactured solutions for snack foods, nuts and seeds, vegetables, meats, seafood and poultry, and much more.

Our extensive range of vibratory conveyors, belt and bucket elevators provides an array of options for material handling, for both pre-processed and post-processed food products. Our ingredients and coatings products can manage a wide range of oils, tacs and gums, as well as dry powders, seasonings and particulates. Complete systems include heated mix-and-use kettles with fully automated PLC controls.

With locations in both the U.S. and the UK, we provide all OEM parts and service for our brands, which include PPM Technologies, Allen Machinery, Aseeco and Wright Machinery. We also offer a combination of sales, engineering, parts, service and project management in Mexico, Central and South America, India, Italy and France.

Company Timeline

Our history stretches back into the 19th century: Here’s where PPM has been, and where it’s going:

  • 1892: The Allen Fruit Company was formed in Oregon

  • 1958: Sold our first commercial vibratory conveyor

  • 1980s: Became global, with a manufacturing location in the UK

  • 1990s: Established our Ingredients and Optical Sorting divisions

  • 2000: The business was acquired by FMC Technologies

  • 2007: Transitioned to current structure as PPM Technologies

  • 2007: PPM acquired Wright Machinery UK

  • 2019: PPM was acquired by Stonehenge Partners

  • PPM Technologies - A Long History and a Bright Future
  • PPM Technologies - cherry plant archive photo

Executive Team

PPM executive team: Robert Pedersen - CEO

Robert Pedersen

Robert joined PPM in 2013. He is responsible for leadership, strategic vision and daily operations. He previously worked for Dell in finance and accounting.

PPM executive team: Eric Doern - VP, Engineering

Eric Doern
VP, Engineering

Eric joined PPM in 2001 as a design engineer. He’s currently responsible for PPM’s Engineering and Product Development groups. He’s also our sales engineer for Asia.

PPM executive team: Neil Anderson - VP, Business Development

Neil Anderson
VP, Business Development

Neil joined PPM in 1990. He’s currently responsible for new business development, sales and marketing. He also served in a mechanical engineering apprenticeship in England.