The Rotary Chip Sizer has come a long way since PPM first created it over 20 years ago. Today’s innovative new design uses enhanced technology to not only separate large from small chips more reliably, but greatly reduces maintenance too – one of the biggest issues with previous sizing systems.

Durable stainless steel discs gently and effectively size and advance chips without seizing up, while sloping chutes minimize drop height for less product breakage. Metal bearing blocks have been replaced with corrosive-resistant polymer, extending the life of the machine by reducing wear previously caused by metal-on-metal contact. Best of all, pesky binding issues associated with other systems are eliminated with a new, cutting-edge direct drive, allowing for smooth and accurate sizing adjustments instantly. And, with fewer moving parts and easy access, maintenance and sanitation no longer consumes valuable time – so you can boost bagger efficiency and input while continuing to enhance your product’s quality.

  • Positive linear adjustment eliminates binding issues
  • Less product breakage = higher yield
  • Wide throughput range – 2-5/8” to 2-1/4”
  • Improved sanitation and maintenance access
  • Minimized stale locations


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