Efficiently and economically elevate a wide range of dry, free-flowing products at flow rates up to 2000 cubic feet per hour and to heights of 30 feet. We manufacture a complete line of standard and heavy-duty bucket elevators using low-maintenance chain of heavy-duty exteded pitch design. Large rollers reduce friction, wear, and power requirements.

  • Stainless or carbon steel tubular construction
  • Overload protection prevents chain or bucket damage due to jams
  • Gently handle fragile products
  • Extra bucket stability
  • Open tubular frame or solid wall
  • Fits many applications
  • Optional washing system for automatic bucket cleaning between shifts
  • End, side, or multiple discharge
  • Remote discharge control systems
  • Discharge chutes
  • Portable units with swivel and lock casters
  • Infeed hoppers with vibratory screw or belt feeders
  • Quick-change detachable stainless steel covers
  • Modular construction permits extending horizontal or vertical sections to suit future needs

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