Polymer Pan

Maximize the efficiency of your product runs.
The newly released Polymer Pan is the ideal solution for cereal, dried fruit, nuts, snack, and confectionery applications.
The Polymer Pan is available on new equipment, is easy to install on existing equipment, and works on both horizontal motion and vibratory conveyors.
The 3/8? rigid texturized and smooth finish pans are available in Black (Anti-Static) and White. The Black Polymer Anti-Static material reduces product adhesion to the conveyor surface and minimizes static build up.
  • AdobeStock_9003218_WM
  • Snack mix food background
  • Easily retro-fits to existing conveyors.
  • Reduces adhesion to conveyor surface to minimize build up.
  • Minimal maintenance required for single fan on most conveyors.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • The black Anti-static material minimizes static build up compared to other Polymers.

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