The PPM Technologies Weighwright is a high efficiency, low maintenance integrated vibratory weighing conveyor. It measures variable mass using a load cell mounted directly below the conveyor. The patented design which weighs only the product and not the conveyor, provides exceptional weighing accuracy for increased seasoning accuracy. With an appropriate flavor drum, flavor applicator and scarf feeder, the Weighwright can provide flavor application with a standard deviation better than 0.35%, and salt application with a standard deviation better than 0.11%. It is extremely robust, with a load cell almost impossible to damage and calibration time less than three minutes.
  • pretzels
  • Snack mix food background
  • Accuracy is better than +/- 1% of product weight being transferred.
  • High precision shear beam load cell for mass flow measurement.
  • Simple construction: no moving parts, motors or rollers to track clean or maintain.
  • Suitable for environments with an ambient temperature range of 0-50 degrees C, and a product temperature in excess of 100 degrees C.

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