DFS (Drum Filtration System)

In the frying process, the oil must be continuously filtered for removal of small particles minimizing build-up and oil break-down in the fryer. The oil is filtered in full flow so oil passes through the filter at least once per minute. The filter opening is application dependent due to filtering to the smallest particle. By minimizing the amount of oil in the filter, efficiency of the filtration system is optimized and oil quality is protected from the environment to avoid decomposition. The PPM Technologies DFS (Drum Filtration System) forms a filter plate using stainless steel perforated screens. A variety of sizes are available to suit specific applications from a diameter perforation of 1,000 microns to a slot perforation of 1,1 x 16mm and sizes up to 15,000 l/min (4,000gpm).
  • potatoes isolated on the white background
  • PotatoChips2
  • Continuous oil filtration up to high oil flows
  • Low, “non-active” oil volume
  • Simple maintenance
  • Eliminates paper filtering
  • Filters both heavy and floating particles

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