PFS (Pellet Frying System)

The PPM Technologies PFS (Pellet Frying System) provides gentle handling and uniform frying of many different pellet snacks from rings to screws to 3-dimensional potato/starch based products. With the lowest total oil volume of any pellet fryer on the market, the PFS is available in three sizes with outputs from 100-500 kg/hr, the smallest model containing only 87 liters for a capacity up to 150kg/hr. The low oil volume equates to exceptional turnover rates at just 2-3 hours optimizing product quality and extending shelf-life. And, for added convenience, the oil level of the fryer is automatically controlled.

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  • Delicious potato chips with spice
  • PotatoChips2
  • Lowest oil volume of any pellet fryer on market
  • Quick oil turnover rates—just 2-3 hours
  • Adjustable frying time from 5-45 seconds
  • Precise, controlled frying time due to frying wheel

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