System for Potato Chips

The frying process is the most critical process in producing quality potato chips. It influences the color, taste, texture and fat content of the product. In the deep-frying process the water is evaporated causing the water content of the product to fall from 80% to less that 2%.
For the best results, it is necessary that the frying oil is kept at the right temperture and remains frest during processing. By having rapid turnover of oil, it has little time to decompose. Many factors will accelaterate oil decomposition including oxygen (air), light, and solid particles from the fried product.
The PPM Technologies ZFS (Zonal Frying System) ensures even frying of the chips with multiple inlets and outlets of the oil. This ZFS system easily sets and maintains an exact temperature profile along the entire fryer while minimizing oil volume required.
For separation of incoming chips the patented FIST (Flow Injection Side Turbulent) System is installed in the first section of the fryer. The combination of a paddle belt and submerged belt ensures accurate frying time. To protect the product from surrounding air, the fyer hood is designed to create a steam cover over the product.
The frying oil quality is maintained at high levels with an outer frying oil circulation system. A continuous oil filter, circulation pump, and heat exchanger combine to supply and maintain the freshest oil. The continuous oil filter constantly separates particles from the fying oil and filters the entire amout twice per minutes. the verstile heat exchanger can be heated by thermal oil, steam or gas.

  • trail mix
  • Pretzels
  • Low oil volume with short turn over rate normally 6-8 hours
  • Complete filtering of oil twice per minute with full flow filter system
  • Easily set temperature profile along fryer with state-of-the-art Multi-Flow System
  • Separation of slices and efficient water evaporation due to patented FIST System

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