Continuous Oil Applicator

Continuous Oil Applicator

The PPM Technologies Continuous Flow Oil Applicators delivery precise, repeatable spray patterns with a variety of light to medium viscosity liquids, oils and oil/water solutions. This simple design reduces parts needs and maximizes reliability. The system uses a non-pulsing positive displacement pump and low pressure (1-2 psi
) air to accurately atomize ingredients. High performance occurs even at volumes as low as 1% weight pick up, ideal for water-based coatings or diet products requiring low oil volumes. Optional systems are available using plant air and no-air application. The complete system includes one pump, one blower, one spray manifold and one controller.
  • Potato-Chips
  • Snack mix
  • Single continuous pump.
  • Accurate, repeatable operation.
  • Accommodates four nozzle sizes.
  • Low volume applications?below 1%.

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