The PPM Technologies High Volume Dry Ingredient Applicators include models designed to meter larger volumes of dry seasonings and granular or powdered salts with a reliable, consistent dispersal “curtain” of our standard salter/seasoner unit.
A 1.5″ (38 mm) pitch metering auger efficiently drives ingredients from a 2 cu/ft (56 liter) stainless steel hopper evenly across the full width of a 2″ (50.8) diameter distributor tube. The auger and rotating agitator within the hopper are both driven by a heat and oil resistant synchro belt. The distributor tube transfers ingredients infinitely through adjustable orifices.
Applicators are available for ingredients having a number of bulk densities with output ranging from 5 to 45lb/min (2.3 to 20kg/min). The units can be used in combination with high speed conveyors or drum systems. The unit is also capable of high seasoning levels such as cereals and snack foods. Three models are available to suit your requirements.

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