The VF Line: An Industry Standard

PPM’s VF range of conveyors continue to be the reliable and proven workhorses of the food industry, after more than 30 years. The versatile drive design allows a lineup of conveyors that suit a huge range of applications – from snack foods, nuts, baked goods, dried fruits and cereals to frozen and wet products.

VF Advance

PPM Technologies - VF Advance

The PPM Technologies VF Advance (VFA) conveyor is the culmination of years of experience and innovation developing the industry’s most versatile range of electromagnetic vibratory conveyors.

VF Premier

PPM Technologies - VF Premier

The PPM Technologies VF Premier (VFP) conveyor takes electromagnetic technology to new lengths, combining a traditional frame and leaf-spring design with the VF electromagnetic drive and controller, to allow for a larger stroke that suits heavier loads and higher speeds.

Mini VF

PPM Technologies - mini VF

The PPM Technologies Mini VF is a small yet powerful electromagnetic vibratory motion conveyor that boasts a variety of versatile mounting options, adjustable feed rates, an open and sanitary design, low maintenance costs, and a long and dependable life cycle.

Libra Mass Flow

PPM Technologies - Libra caster mounted

PPM’s Libra VF Mass Flow System employs a two-tier conveyor system that combines VF technology with load-cell scales, measuring product by both weight and volume.

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