The Special Delivery Line: Reliable, Flexible and Efficient

PPM’s family of horizontal motion conveying is built on the well-established Special Delivery (SD) drive system. In use for many years across diverse markets, the SD line offers conveyors that are reliable, efficient and simple to maintain. Featuring a variety of drive designs with three optional drive locations for multiple configurations, the SD line covers a broad range of lengths, including short modular units ideal for distribution systems or scale feeding, continuous runs for transferring over long distances, or inline storage units for product accumulation—and with the option to floor-mount or suspend from existing structures, the flexibility is endless. Gentle handling and ease of sanitation make the SD range suitable for all products, even the most fragile or heavily coated, and the units’ variable speed control allows for a wide range of production flow rates.

Modular SD

PPM Technologies - Modular SD conveying

The Modular SD takes advantage of the same balanced drive design used to power PPM’s larger SD conveyors.

Special Delivery

PPM Technologies - SD Conveyor

The SD is a mechanically driven conveyor that utilizes smooth horizontal motion to convey free-flowing materials such as snack foods, poultry, meats and vegetables.

Storage SD

PPM Technologies - SD storage, conveying

Clever engineering transitioned the standard Special Delivery conveyor design into PPM Technology’s inline Storeveyor, adding a major benefit while maintaining all the features and benefits of horizontal motion.

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