Modular Design for Flexible Configuration

The Modular SD takes advantage of the same balanced drive design used to power PPM’s larger SD conveyors. The Modular SD, however, employs a more economical, downsized version of the standard SD drive, which allows for a more compact, modular unit. The balanced drive fits neatly beneath the conveyor pan, and because the drive never exceeds the pan width, placing conveyors side by side is simple and easy. The SD does away with cumbersome base structures and instead only needs two support pedestals to floor-mount the unit, giving you easy access to service and maintain the drive assembly; the unit’s conveying surface, which can be an open pan or a fully closed conduit, is a seamless, one-piece, easy-to-clean unit. The Modular SD is so well-designed that the vibration it transmits to any substructure can be reduced to zero—so whether you decide to ceiling-hang or floor-mount your system, the only thing moving will be your product.

PPM Technologies - Modular SD conveying

The Special Delivery Line:
Reliable, Flexible and Efficient

PPM’s family of horizontal motion conveying is built on the well-established Special Delivery (SD) drive system. In use for many years across diverse markets, the SD line offers conveyors that are reliable, efficient and simple to maintain. Featuring a variety of drive designs with three optional drive locations for multiple configurations, the SD line covers a broad range of lengths, including short modular units ideal for distribution systems or scale feeding, continuous runs for transferring over long distances, or inline storage units for product accumulation—and with the option to floor-mount or suspend from existing structures, the flexibility is endless.

Gentle handling and ease of sanitation make the SD range suitable for all products, even the most fragile or heavily coated, and the units’ variable speed control allows for a wide range of production flow rates.


The Special Delivery conveyor provides a versatile solution for gentle-handling applications. Units feature a variety of options: end or intermediate drives; ceiling or floor mounting; and intermediate, end and proportional gates.

PPM Technologies - VF Advance drive mount detail photo

The horizontal-motion drive at the rear of the conveyor is easily accessible, and the design doesn’t use gears or oil.

PPM Technologies - Modular SD, conveying

Mounting options:

The unique design of the hanger bracket allows simple installation and safe operation for ceiling-hung applications.


Simple, versatile operation

  • Special reversing option to maximize line capability
  • Idle mode creates immediate inline storage
  • Simple mounting to either ceiling or floor

Gentle handling

  • Reduce coating loss for products
  • Minimize product breakage

Durable, sanitary design

  • Single conveyors up to 100' long
  • Reliable drive design with no gears


  • Distribution conveyors
  • Inline storage
  • Long-transfer conveyors
  • Scale feeders




  • Stainless steel pan


  • 8' to 100' long (2.4m to 30.5m)


  • 18" (460mm)
  • 24" (610mm)
  • 36" (915mm)
  • Special widths available


  • 220-240V/60Hz/Three Phase
  • 380-500V/60Hz/Three Phase
  • 220-240V/50Hz/Three Phase
  • 380-500V/50Hz/Three Phase


  • Covers
  • End gates
  • Flared infeed
  • Intermediate gates
  • Lanes
  • Proportional gates


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PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for fruits and vegetables - photo

Fruits and Vegetables

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Meat, Seafood and Poultry

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Snack Foods

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PPM offers a variety of food processing solutions for a wide range of applications.

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