The Frying System You Need

PPM’s frying equipment is the end product of more than 40 years of experience, design, engineering and application knowledge. We’ve provided cost-effective systems for some of the most difficult applications in the food industry, focusing on accuracy and consistency. PPM’s problem-solving approach has created products that can benefit food processors worldwide.

PPM Technologies - Rotary Frying Line

Typical snack frying lines include an incline belt, in-feed conveyor, fryer, de-oiling belts and complete system controls. For products that require seasoning and coating, post processing – PPM offers a comprehensive range of dry powder, liquid, and slurry application equipment.

Frying Solutions

Linear Oil Frying System

PPM Technologies - linear oil frying system

PPM Technologies Continuous Oil Fryer systems offer flexible processing with customizable design options that include single- or multi-zone heating, with either an external heat exchanger or our gas-fired immersion tube system.

Rotary Snack Fryers

PPM Technologies - Gas Rotary Fryer

The PPM Technologies Rotary Snack Fryer provides gentle handling and uniform frying for a wide variety of extruded and pellet snack products, from rings and twists to three-dimensional starch-based products.