Continuous and Customizable Oil Frying

PPM Technology’s Continuous Oil Fryer systems offer flexible processing with customizable design options that include single- or multi-zone heating, with either an external heat exchanger or our gas-fired immersion tube system. Continuous Oil Fryers ensure proper oil management with automatic oil-level controls, continuous oil circulation, and a variety of filtration systems that help reduce oil loss and eliminate wastage. System features include auto-lift hoods, product-specific top and/or bottom belts, fines-removal belts the employ PPM’s patented discharge auger, feedback sensors for precise temperature control, CIP systems and more.

PPM Technologies - linear oil frying system

Product Testing and Development Program

We can help you develop the most efficient seasoning and coating process for your specific needs, through our product testing and development program. With two complete seasoning systems available, our technicians are prepared and ready to help you test powder, oil or slurry applications. Contact your local area sales manager or call 1.800.523.8123 for further information.



  • Customizable belt designs
  • Low system oil volume, short oil turnover time
  • Continuous oil filtration
  • Energy-efficient components
  • External filtration systems



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PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for extruded products - photo

Extruded Products

PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for snack foods - photo

Snack Foods

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PPM offers a variety of food processing solutions for a wide range of applications.

PPM Technologies - Gas Rotary Fryer

Rotary Snack Fryers

Related Product – Rotary Snack Frying System

Efficient and Effective Snack Frying

The PPM Technologies Rotary Snack Fryer provides gentle handling and uniform frying for a wide variety of extruded and pellet snack products, from rings and twists to three-dimensional starch-based products. The Rotary Snack Fryer allows operators to choose from either an electric or a gas heating system, and comes available in three sizes that provide outputs from 100 to 500 kg/hr.

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