Efficient Solutions for Your Food-Handling Needs

PPM combines innovative technology with years of experience and expertise, providing customers simple, reliable solutions to a full spectrum of food handling challenges. Our diverse line of industry-leading equipment lets you safely move, store and process product, with minimal operator involvement and simple operation requirements. Each machine is engineered to be durable and long-lasting, with sanitary, low-maintenance designs. PPM’s range of material handling equipment includes bucket elevators, belt conveyors, tote dumpers, spiral down chutes, chip sizers, disc graders, cluster busters and many more.

PPM Technologies - Material Handling overview photo of tote dumpers

Material Handling Solutions

PPM Technologies - Ultra aligner, material handling

Blending, Sizing and Grading

In thousands of food processing and manufacturing facilities around the world, fresh, frozen and processed products are blended, sorted, sized, screened and graded using PPM Technologies equipment.

Tote Dumpers

PPM Technologies - tote dumper, material handling

PPM Technologies Crate and Tote Handling systems make filling and unloading efficient and easy.

Bucket Elevators

PPM Technologies - C and S shaped bucket elevators

PPM Technologies Bucket Elevators are designed to elevate a wide range of dry, free-flowing products at flow rates up to 2,000 cubic feet per hour and to heights of 30 feet.


PPM Technologies - Polar Blast cooling system

The PPM Technologies Polar Blast cooling system is designed to reduce the temperature of your product prior to freezing, packaging or general handling.