Customizable Grading for Any Application

PPM disc graders are engineered to efficiently separate and sort irregular or unwanted sized pieces of product from ideal sized pieces. Disc rollers convey chips, cereal or other products across one sizing section to another. Disc roller speeds progressively increase along the length of the machine to ensure product is spread into a single layer, allowing for each piece of product to be sized accurately – undersized product slips between discs, larger products are conveyed by the rotating discs and moved forward. Each unit is highly customizable and can be designed to suit a variety of applications and grading parameters based on your unique product specifications. PPM Disc graders sort with extreme accuracy and ensure gentle handling for even the most fragile products.

PPM Technologies - disc grader, material handling

Efficient Solutions for Your Food-Handling Needs

PPM combines innovative technology with years of experience and expertise, providing customers simple, reliable solutions to a full spectrum of food handling challenges. Our diverse line of industry-leading equipment lets you safely move, store and process product, with minimal operator involvement and simple operation requirements. Each machine is engineered to be durable and long-lasting, with sanitary, low-maintenance designs. PPM’s range of material handling equipment includes bucket elevators, belt conveyors, tote dumpers, spiral down chutes, chip sizers, disc graders, cluster busters and many more.



  • Ideal for presorts or full sorts without extra labor
  • Tumbling action requires no vibration
  • Self-cleaning feature eliminates plugging between rollers or discs
  • Easily change size grades while operating with adjustable roller centerlines
  • Stainless or polycarbonate discs available
  • Capacity may be adjusted to match existing conveyor system
  • Nylon or Oilite bearings require no lubrication
  • Single gear belt drive for reliable performance


  • Product blending
  • Metering
  • Drum feeding
  • Weighing



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PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for vegetables - photo

Fruits and Vegetables

PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for snack foods - photo

Snack Foods

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PPM offers a variety of food processing solutions for a wide range of applications.

PPM Technologies - Ultra Aligner, material handling

Ultra Aligner

Related Product – Ultra Aligner

Gentle Handling, Precise Orientation

The PPM Technologies Ultra Aligning Conveyor is a highly effective system designed to align and arrange product in preparation for the next step in processing. PPM’s Ultra line was engineered to accommodate a wide range of products and applications including heavy, hard-to-move products such as meat, poultry, fruits or vegetables.

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