Fill and Elevate

PPM Technologies bucket elevators are designed to elevate a wide range of dry, free-flowing products, including nuts, snack foods, cereals, pet foods, confectionary products and more. PPM’s bucket elevators can be constructed with either an open tubular frame or with sanitary solid wall plates – material options include both stainless-steel or carbon (mild) steel. Highly customizable and engineered to allow for custom configurations, each unit is assembled using modular sections that make initial instillation simple, and permit a variety of future modifications including horizontal and vertical extensions.

PPM Technologies - C and S shaped bucket elevators

Efficient Solutions for Your Food-Handling Needs

PPM combines innovative technology with years of experience and expertise, providing customers simple, reliable solutions to a full spectrum of food handling challenges. Our diverse line of industry-leading equipment lets you safely move, store and process product, with minimal operator involvement and simple operation requirements. Each machine is engineered to be durable and long-lasting, with sanitary, low-maintenance designs. PPM’s range of material handling equipment includes bucket elevators, belt conveyors, tote dumpers, spiral down chutes, chip sizers, disc graders, cluster busters and many more.



  • Polypropylene or polycarbonate buckets
  • Split buckets for multiple product passes
  • Infeed hoppers with vibratory screw belt feeds
  • Detachable stainless steel covers up to 7’ off floor
  • Portable units with swivel and lock casters
  • End, side or multiple discharge with optional chutes


  • Stainless or carbon steel construction
  • Open tubular frame or solid wall
  • Complete bucket turnover at discharge, return upright upon filling position
  • Optional washing system for automatic bucket cleaning between shifts



  • Overlapping flanges (not interlocking) at point of fill, to prevent spills between buckets. Up to 48″ wide, these heavy-duty one-piece buckets are available in polypropylene or polycarbonate.
  • At discharge, the buckets turn completely over and stay face-down until they return to the filling position. This allows easy cleaning while the buckets are moving.


  • Heavy-duty, extended-pitch roller chains with large rollers offer low maintenance. They roll on tracks instead of sliding, reducing friction, wear and power requirements.
  • Available in mild or stainless steel. Delrin rollers with pre-lubricated, impregnated bushings are also available for applications where lubrication is not possible.


  • Up to 2,000 cubic ft. per hour


  • Up to 30′ (9.1m)


PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for connfections - photo


PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for vegetables - photo

Fruits and Vegetables

PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for nuts - photo


PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for snack foods - photo

Snack Foods

PPM Technologies - solutions and applications for pet food

Pet Food

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PPM offers a variety of food processing solutions for a wide range of applications.

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