Reliable Designs, Customized Efficiency

PPM Technologies crate and tote handling systems make filling and unloading efficient and easy. PPM’s dump and fill units work together or separately as economical, effective solutions to handling bulk storage prior to final processing. These systems are reliable, robust and flexibly designed to offer a wide range of configurations to suit various applications. Gentle product handling is ensured with various design features included to reduce product bruising and damage. Typical units are engineered to handle totes or crates from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds and can be constructed using either stainless or coated mild steel to meet FDA regulations for direct food contact. Open tubular frame construction allows for easy cleaning, maximum operator visibility is assured, and system operations are safe, intuitive and require only simple maintenance.

PPM Technologies - tote dumpers, material handling

Efficient Solutions for Your Food-Handling Needs

PPM combines innovative technology with years of experience and expertise, providing customers simple, reliable solutions to a full spectrum of food handling challenges. Our diverse line of industry-leading equipment lets you safely move, store and process product, with minimal operator involvement and simple operation requirements. Each machine is engineered to be durable and long-lasting, with sanitary, low-maintenance designs. PPM’s range of material handling equipment includes bucket elevators, belt conveyors, tote dumpers, spiral down chutes, chip sizers, disc graders, cluster busters and many more.



  • Automatic control system detects tote or crate capacity
  • Crates operate independently, allowing one to fill while the other is in transit or repositioning.
  • Rugged steel construction with special input housing design to resist battering by lifttruck
  • Extended life hydraulic dump cylinder and pump
  • Conveniently located pull cord switch
  • Feeder bin features gently sloping infeed section and gravity feed belt discharge conveyor


  • Basic Crate Dumper
  • Twin Discharge Feeder
  • Compact Dump Station


  • Compatible with 1,000 to 5,000 pound crates or totes
  • Stainless or painted mild-steel construction



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Fruits and Vegetables

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Pet Food

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Snack Foods

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