Complete Seasoning Solutions

PPM’s seasoning and coating equipment is the end product of more than 40 years of experience, design, engineering and application knowledge. We’ve provided high-performance, cost-effective systems for some of the most difficult applications in the food industry, focusing on accuracy, consistency and repeatability. Whether it’s applying oils, powders, slurry mixtures or particulates, PPM’s problem-solving approach has created products that can benefit food processors worldwide.

PPM Technologies - seasoning and coating drums

Product Testing and Development Program

We can help you develop the most efficient seasoning and coating process for your specific needs, through our product testing and development program. With multiple complete seasoning systems available, our technicians are prepared and ready to help you test powder, oil or slurry applications. Contact your local area sales manager or call 1.800.523.8123 for further information.

Seasoning and Coating Solutions

Coating Drums

 PPM Technologies - stainless steel seasoning and coating drum cradle frame

PPM offers a variety of standard coating-drum designs, whether you’re dealing with loss-in-weight powder applications or need precise low- and high-volume liquid applicators.

Powder and Liquid Application

 PPM Technologies - FlavorWright All-in-One

PPM’s patented FlavorWright line of seasoning equipment ensures accurate, repeatable operation, maximum up-time and reduced parts requirements.

Dry Seasoning and Salt

 PPM Technologies - FlavorWright, seasoning and coating

PPM Technologies dry powder applicators are designed to be ideal across a variety of bulk densities, with output ranging from 5 to 45lb/min (2.3 to 20kg/min).

Slurry Applications

PPM Technologies - twin tank system

PPM Technologies slurry application systems are designed to deliver precise and consistent pressure coatings of high-viscosity liquid and slurry mixtures, with accurate weight pick-ups from 1% to 100%.