Advanced Design for Accurate Control

Designed for dispensing free-flowing seasonings, salts and small particulates, the PPM Technologies FlavorWright Seasoner features two quiet, variable-frequency drives for independent speed control of both the ingredients agitator and the dispensing auger. Entirely constructed from 304 stainless steel with toolless, easily removable components, the unit affords lasting durability and quick access for sanitation and product changeovers. The sanitary design features include a bottom dump door, quick-release auger and agitator, dual sight windows and top fill grate. The FlavorWright Seasoner complements PPM’s complete line of seasoning and coating solutions, which includes belt, drum, dry, and liquid application systems.

 PPM Technologies - FlavorWright, seasoning and coating

Product Testing and Development Program

We can help you develop the most efficient seasoning and coating process for your specific needs, through our product testing and development program. With multiple complete seasoning systems available, our technicians are prepared and ready to help you test powder, oil or slurry applications. Contact your local area sales manager or call 1.800.523.8123 for further information.



  • Door pivots open from front for improved hopper access
  • Toolless knurled screw removal
  • Easy auger removal



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Frozen Foods

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Pasta and Cheese

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Snack Foods

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PPM offers a variety of food processing solutions for a wide range of applications.

 PPM Technologies - FlavorWright scarf-plate, seasoning and coating

FlavorWright Scarf-Plate

Related Product – FlavorWright Scarf-Plate

Accurate Dispersion, Consistent Results

PPM Technologies scarf-plate feeders are designed to work in tandem with our dry seasoning applicators – seasoning is dispensed onto the scarf-plate, which then uses gentle vibratory motion to evenly spread and discharge product into a drum or directly onto a conveyor as a topical applicator. Our scarf-plate feeders utilize a variable-frequency, variable-stroke electromagnetic drive that allows total control over seasoning discharge rates. Reliably built to ensure precision and repeatability for consistent results that outperform the competition, the PPM Technologies scarf-plate feeder will add measurable value to your processing line.

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