Complete Seasoning Solutions

PPM’s seasoning and coating equipment is the end product of more than 40 years of experience, design, engineering and application knowledge. We’ve provided high-performance, cost-effective systems for some of the most difficult applications in the food industry, focusing on accuracy, consistency and repeatability. Whether it’s applying oils, powders, slurry mixtures or particulates, PPM’s problem-solving approach has created equipment that can benefit food processors worldwide.

FlavorWright All-in-One™

PPM Technologies - FlavorWright All-in-One

The FlavorWright All-in-One™ seasoning system by PPM Technologies is a compact flavoring application system that integrates both liquid and dry seasoning systems into one convenient stand-alone unit.

FlavorWright All-in-One™ Product Details

FlavorWright Continuous Oil Applicator

PPM Technologies - Seasoning with continuous oil applicator

PPM’s continuous-flow oil applicators are designed to deliver precise, repeatable spray patterns of light to medium-viscosity liquids, oils and oil/water solutions.

FlavorWright Continuous Oil Applicator Product Details
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