Precise Coating for Slurries

PPM Technologies slurry application systems are designed to deliver precise and consistent pressure coatings of high-viscosity liquid and slurry mixtures, with accurate weight pick-ups from 1% to 100%. These versatile machines are suited for cheese/oil/whey mixtures, seasoning, honey, sugar glazes, sugar frostings, tallows, digests, gels, gums, egg powders, oil suspensions and many more.

PPM Technologies - twin tank system

Slurry spray manifolds are engineered to be versatile, with interchangeable threaded nozzles for easy cleaning or quick changeouts. To prevent clogging, slurry nozzles feature air-actuated cleanout pistons that can be controlled using the system’s touchscreen PLC. Unlike competing systems that use multiple pumps to control each individual nozzle, PPM slurry systems employ one continuous pump to feed all the nozzles within the manifold, resulting in reduced parts wear and maintenance time. Slurry applicators can utilize a variety of positive displacement pumps – peristaltic, gear or lobe – determined by customer requirements and/or specific product characteristics.

Slurry Applicator and Twin-Tank System

PPM Technologies - twin tank system

The twin-tank system provides mixing, blending, temperature control, storage and uninterrupted dispensing of liquid and slurry mixtures to spray applicators.

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