Connecting your equipment and processes.

Duravant Lifecycle Services enhances access to our parent company’s leadership in digitization and IIOT technologies to help you stay competitive, now and in the future.



Stay connected with our remote support service—our experts are skilled at diagnosing and resolving issues quickly from offsite, saving you time and resources while keeping your production on track, no matter where you are. Our modern IIoT solutions allow operations to monitor your machine’s performance and act in real time.



Duravant ONSIGHT enables your team to access real-time data, receive instant alerts and generate comprehensive reports that empower operators to identify and manage challenges before they arise.

Duravant ONSIGHT is an end-to-end solution that creates an encrypted link between intelligent machines and a secure cloud environment that enables customizable services.

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Besides supporting and servicing our own PPM machinery, we also sell, support and service these respected brands:

PPM Technologies - we sell, support and service Allen Machinery

Allen Machinery Inc., with thousands of products in the field producing fresh, frozen and processed products throughout North, Central and South America, as well as Asia and Europe.

PPM Technologies - we sell, support and service Wright Machinery

Wright Machinery UK in London has provided conveying and seasoning systems for the snack industry throughout Europe, and executed global rollouts for major snack food manufacturers.

PPM Technologies - we sell, support and service Aseeco

Aseeco is a strong brand name in the food industry. PPM produces new equipment of the same design and supports parts and service for existing and new installations.

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Duravant ONSIGHT
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Duravant Lifecycle Services

Duravant Lifecycle Services is a global network of Duravant operating company aftermarket organizations. We’re structured to support enhanced local delivery of all services, from purchase to installation, parts and maintenance to end-of-life and replacement.

Duravant Lifecycle Services is built on a center of excellence model that helps our companies coordinate globally to create new opportunities for improving services locally.