The All-in-One Solution

The FlavorWright All-in-One™ seasoning system by PPM Technologies is a compact flavoring application system that integrates both liquid and dry seasoning systems into one convenient stand-alone unit. Engineered to ensure best-in-class performance and reliability, the improved design helps expand PPM’s industry-leading line of seasoning and coating equipment, adding increased flexibility and practical functionality to an already dynamic system.

 PPM Technologies - FlavorWright All-in-One

The All-in-One includes a vibratory in-feed conveyor, seasoning dispenser, scarf-plate, liquid applicator and removable plastic drum. This unit is totally free-standing and includes a small liquid holding tank, continuous pump and atomizing air filtration system with a .01-micron rating. The All-in-One controls system is user-friendly and features a large touchscreen OIT that offers total control over individual component flow rates and allows operators to easily input, edit and select recipes.

Product Testing and Development Program

We can help you develop the most efficient seasoning and coating process for your specific needs, through our product testing and development program. With multiple complete seasoning systems available, our technicians are prepared and ready to help you test powder, oil or slurry applications. Contact your local area sales manager or call 1.800.523.8123 for further information.



  • Fully washdown unit
  • Integrated oil applicator
  • Integrated dry powder applicator
  • Easily removable plastic drum
  • Electromagnetic vibratory in-feed conveyor
  • Plug-n-play design with on-board controls


 PPM Technologies - FlavorWright All-in-One back view
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Fruits and Vegetables

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Meat, Seafood and Poultry

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Snack Foods

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PPM offers a variety of food processing solutions for a wide range of applications.

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PPM Technologies - Seasoning with continuous oil applicator

FlavorWright Continuous Oil Applicator

Related Product – FlavorWright Continuous Oil Applicator

Accurate and Repeatable Spray Patterns

PPM’s continuous-flow oil applicators are designed to deliver precise, repeatable spray patterns of light to medium-viscosity liquids, oils and oil/water solutions. Complete systems include a liquid holding tank, pump, blower, spay manifold and controller. Optional system features include air filtration, flow meters, product recirculation and more. PPM offers a wide range of spray nozzles types, including those for low-volume applications. PPM’s continuous-flow oil application systems utilize lightweight, low-profile spray manifolds, allowing them to be easily integrated into existing drum coating systems.

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